This online portfolio showcases some of my most lauded professional achievements and certificates accredited by LinkedIn Learning, showcasing my multifaceted qualifications and enduring commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

2019 CompTIA A+ (220-901)
Core Processing

In the realm of Information Technology, the CompTIA A+ certification serves as a universally recognized and highly respected qualification. Completing the 220-901 Core Processing aspect of this rigorous certification, I have mastered the fundamental principles of IT operational roles and technical support.

This accomplishment is not merely a certificate, but a validation of a budding technical acumen.

2023 Intro to Web Design and Development (Refresher)

This skill set has enabled me to build my own design and hosting business, delivering solutions that are both aesthetically compelling and functionally sound.

My clientele benefits from websites that not only draw the viewer’s eye but also serve as optimized platforms for customer conversion and business growth. 

Entrepreneurship Foundations

Serving as the theoretical and practical backdrop to my entrepreneurial endeavors, I have arrived at a more extensive look into the building blocks of establishing and running a successful venture.

My ability to discern between a lucrative opportunity and a precarious gamble, to attract and negotiate, and to create a long-term strategy for growth are just some of the knowledge I possess.

Launching Your Creator Business

The entrepreneurial spirit is an ineffable quality, present in those who not only envision but execute. Marks a signification of a disciplined approach to carving out a unique value proposition, market analysis, and business model conceptualization.

I ensure that each mentee is equipped with actionable strategies to transition from a 9 to 5 lifestyle to a liberated financial future.