Kimmy Garcia

Medical Assistant – Certified

Scan Coordinator

May 2011 – May 2015

After 3 months of being a front-end & customer service cashier, I adapted quick enough to accept more responsibilities in the company. I was offered the scan coordinator role.

My Tasks As A Scan Coordinator At Seafood City

  • Implemented daily pricing updates/changes promptly.
  • Coordinated price checks with cashiers and customers efficiently.
  • Delivered excellent customer service.
  • Resolved customer complaints fairly.
  • Regulated expiration dates on the shelves on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • Accurately logged/audited expired/shrinkages in the store system.
  • Participated in annual store inventory events.
  • Assisted front-end colleagues as needed.

Life Of A Seafood City Seattle Scan Coordinator

Back when I was a scan coordinator, I enjoyed the part where I get to work on my own and be able to implement my tasks and responsibilities however I deem fit. I did not have a set schedule on when I should initiate price changes, nor any set daily routine – it was flexible and I loved it!

Work was six days a week, 36 hours a week. With that said, I worked about 6 hours a day and I started later in the day – around 3 PM or sometimes until 5 PM. Work is until the store is closed and is overtime eligible. The pay was not as good and back then, there were no benefits yet. There was no paid time off, no sick leave, no health insurance, no IRAs. Nothing. However, as Obama mandated the Obamacare and the likes, by the time I left, the company has been slowly introducing this benefit.

I had the privilege of flying to California for the Scan Coordinator Seminar back in 2013 which was all paid for — plane and food. I met with corporate bosses and mostly key people such as area managers, regional managers, and the likes. It was nerve-wracking for me as I was fairly new in the US and I was still learning to navigate the system. ✈️

I got to participate in the yearly overnight store inventory (which I thought was fun – just don’t do it on an everyday basis). I found it fun because I got to not sleep, stay overnight at work without customers, get to audit the whole store, and of course – eat free and have fun with coworkers. It was something different from my work routine, once a year, and I got paid. Most importantly, I was able to see how much was lost per product, how much was missing, how much was selling, etc. I have learned a lot from this experience.

During my breaks, I can basically walk at the mall since it was connected to it. I got a fifteen-minute break and a 30-minute lunch. Or, I get 45 minutes – whichever I wanted. The first was bearable, the latter not so much.

I was constantly on my foot and walking the whole store making sure that every shelf had correct prices and no expired items. If I found one, I would have to “shrink” it in the system for audit and tracking purposes. After which, it goes straight into the big trash – oh, the food that gets wasted is sad. 😥